On Tue, 15 Sep 2009, Martin Dauskardt wrote:

Rolf, you know that this happens with the vdr default OSD size?

Well, you should get the memory upgrade for your FF card. :)

Femon adapts its' window size now only with VDR's OSD width/height settings, but also with the size of small font. Decreasing the size of the small font reduces also the memory requirements.

You could also change the used theme theme to "Duotone" that makes use of 2bpp instead of 4bpp windows and therefore uses less memory.

Sep  8 20:26:27 ubuntuvdr vdr: [3668] ERROR: cFemonOsd::cFemonOsd() OSD height
(461) smaller than required (480).

This indicates that the (small) font size clashes with the OSD size settings.

Why is it not possible to show all femon OSD content with the vdr default OSD
size? I don't remember that I had to change the OSD size with earlier
vdr/plugin versions.

There shouldn't be any problems with the "Duotone" theme, but on the other hand I find it too ugly for a default one.


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