When editing recordings I am struggling to fine tune marker placement as adjustments made with '4' and '6' keys while moving the marker as indicated by the time line do not update the video display with the corresponding position in the recording.

Current setup:

SW: VDR-1.7.9 (with freesat patch), NVIDIA driver 185-something, xineliboutput and xine as outptut plugins, ffmpeg-svn / xine-lib-1.2- hg from about two weeks ago, v4l-dvb-hg from about two weeks ago, slackware64-current OS

HW: M2NPV-VM with onboard Nvidia 6150, Athlon something 64 bit dual core (at least 2.1GHz), a couple of SATA disks.

- This problem only occurs with TS recordings, PES recordings made with vdr-1.7.0 with this setup work as expected.

- With the xineliboutput plugin the display does not update at all when moving the marker.

- With xine plugin the display updates but with seemingly random time intervals, from almost realtime as expected to delays of 1-5 seconds to sometimes not at all, depending on the recording and the position of the marker.

I have a tedious workaround:

set marker, play - If adjustment needed then
- select marker, adjust with '4' or '6', play, repeat until no further adjustment needed.

Does anyone have the same problem? Does anyone NOT have this problem? What can I do to fix this?

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