Rolf Ahrenberg wrote:
On Fri, 18 Sep 2009, Rob Davis wrote:

I am trying to get BBC Radio streams to work. However, I can't work out how to get the IPTV plugin to chage the base port..

The base port is a global setting that can be changed in plugin's setup:

However, if you create more than one IPTV device, the device's base port is the one defined in setup plus device's enumeration:
Device 0: 4321
Device 1: 4322

These should be documented (somehow) in plugin's README.

mplayer and ffmpeg are both created. (as per the example script) with a different fifo each, but VDR is sending the same PORT to all streams, so if I change channel I get the two streams mixed together.

If you're having only one IPTV device, the script should be killed (and mplayer/ffmpeg as well) before the new one is executed with new channel specific parameters when zapping. There were some protocol specific bugs in the channel switching, so you should try the latest public 0.3.0 release, if not already done.

How do I create more than one IPTV device? I assumed that it was automatic? I am using 0.3.0.

When vdr switches off the channel how is the channel / stream closed?

When working, these streams will be accessed by streamdev/xbmc and vomp.

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