Hi all,

I'm trying to recover my VDR machine after upgrade to Fedora11 (long sad

On the way, I've decided to give a try to VDPAU, installed nVidia 185.18.36,
xinelib 1.2-vdpau.
Compiled all needed plugins and now struggle with xinelibout to get the

Using 1.7.0 with xinelibout 1.0.4 I get "TS discontinuity" errors on some
channels I watch (no output when it happens).
Using 1.7.9 with xinelibout 1.0.4 I get "TCP buffer too small" errors with
astronomic lengths.
Found on some german sites to try latest CVS version since there were some
buffers changes.
Using 1.7.9 with CVS xinelibout version I get "ERROR (xine_input_vdr.c,860):
Resource temporarily unavailable"

I've used the xinelibout with xv output for now.

What am I doing wrong? Anyone faced with such problems?

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