Dear list,

I searched the Web but could not find a lot of reviews or tests about
ARM based VDR systems.

The goal is to have a VDR device which consumes the „least possible“
amount of power. I heard that ARM based devices are good for this.

Does anyone on this list have any experiences using ARM based devices?

1. Since the boards are mostly small one needs to use mostly USB
devices, doesn’t one?
2. Is the performance high enough to playback SDTV? It should.
3. What about HDTV?

4. Especially the Beagle Board [1][2] was covered a lot in the press.
But it is not completely free, i. e. the specifications and the
toolchain is not freely available, is not it [3]? Sorry, if I am wrong
about this.

If there is any information I missed on the Web, please point me to it.

Thanks a lot,



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