Hi there,

I just released remotetimers-0.1.2 on http://vdr.schmirler.de. The new release
is mostly adaption to VDR 1.7. There are two minor new features:

The Recordings menu will show the available diskspace for the actual
filesystem you are in - interesting for those who have subdirectories on
different filesystems. Note that due to a bug in VDR this won't work if the
video directory and the subdirectory are both network shares. A patch to fix
this is included in the source distribution and has been submitted to Klaus.

The title bar of the "Edit recording" and "Recording info" menus now includes
the length and size of the recording.


2009-11-04: Version 0.1.2
- When navigating to subdirectories in the Recordings menu, show diskspace
information of the corresponding filesystem
- Added recording size and length to titlebar of "Edit recording" and
"Recording info" menus
- Support for TS recordings (rename, change priority/lifetime)
- API change for VDR 1.7.3+ (thanks to Thomas G√ľnther)
- Updated the menu parts copied from VDR to 1.7.7
- Silenced warning about suggested parentheses
- Fixed segfault when parsing a currently recording remote timer of a channel
which is unknown to the local VDR


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