Hello list,

After 4 yeras of SD-VDR I tried to move to HD with my VDR box.

Current hardware:
Asus M3N78-VM with GF9400
Athlon BE2350
TT3200 DVB-S2

Ubuntu 9.04 x86
S2API drivers from linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb hg
xine-ui cvs
plain vdr-1.7.9

I'm mainly focused on S9.0E source, because I have a Conax subscription for Hello HD package (http://www.lyngsat.com/packages/hello.html)

After the first install and some finetunings, FTA HD channels (M2HD, Luxe HD) worked well, but I had broken image on Hello HD channels (on SD and HD as well, all of them are in DVB-S2 Mpeg4), and log was full with TS continuity error. My channels list was generated with w_scan. After a while I realized that if I let vdr to update my channel.conf, all the channels are working fine. And then came the disaster. Ubuntu said that 9.10 is available, and I choosed to upgrade. After the upgrade I had no sound at all on my system. As I saw, many others had this problem with Ubuntu 9.10. After a day and a half I managed to fix the sound (compiling alsa, etc), but the "TS continuity error" came back on vdr. Since then I tried everything, I reinstalled the dvb drivers, xine-lib, xine-ui, I tried vdr-xine plugin and xineliboutput also, but no luck: i have broken image on Hello HD package. I also tried to make some records from those channels without any output plugin, and I end up with 0 sized recordings (on other channels recordings are fine), so IMHO this has nothing to do with xine.
I'm suspecting two things:
1. DVB drivers.
2. Incorrect channels.conf

Reinstalling dvb drivers from liplianin did not help, nor various channels.conf's

One more detail: I have a Kathrein UFS-910 linux receiver. I have two systems on that: the original firmware and Enigma2. If I try my Conax card in the Kathy, everything works well under E2, but in the original firmware I had the same broken image issue as with VDR.

As I am stuck with this for more than a day, any help or any ideas are welcomed.

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