NewEgg or ZipZoomFly don't ship to spain?

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The asus P5N7A-VM motherboard seems a good candidate, is its integrated 9300 graphics powerful enough for good deinterlacing?

Mmmh, I hate to reply to my own message, but it seems it isn't available anywhere, at least here in Spain :-(
I'm just at the same task at the moment.

Vdpau enabled IGP motherboards except ION systems seem not to be available at all for some reason.

Same for passive Nvidia GT220 cards (not yet available (Zotac Zone Edition or ECS)).

Even if its german, this might give you a good overview:

To me that means, at decoding they are close to each other, but big difference at de-interlacing. i'm trying my luck at the moment with the passive cooled Gainward GT210, maybe later moving on to the GT220 once passive cooled models are available. It was told me that dual core CPU are preferable for OSD responiveness.

Just to share a bit my findings from last days/weeks. I'm not quite sure if i will be able to keep the same noise level (nearly 0) with the HD components, but my plan is:

C2D E7x00
Mainboard w/o IGP

For AMD system it should be a K10 according to, since the K8 models could cause problems with vdpau with CnQ enabled.



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