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C2D E7x00

Isn't that overkill? (I mean, with hw accelerated people are using an atom)
Yes it is, but
* the CPU should have some potential for undervolting
* configuration on speedstep i hope i can tweak

I hope to get some potential for easy converting/whatever??? and have a not so hungry CPU otherwise (i read something like 8W idle which matches my current CPU which i used last years and it should idle most of he time assuming vdpau works as expected)

Mainboard w/o IGP

If I go this route (separate motherboard and graphic card) what about audio through hdmi? Any card will do or should I look for a specific one with some form of spdif pass-through?
I don't have experience on this and its not a concern for me, but maybe still give you some facts:

* the cards all have an audio pass trough, no connector though
* the card reports to have an audio device
* this audio device is not supported yet, but some people reported success to at last get it recognized with some patches, not sure if its working for anyone allready

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