On 24.11.2009 19:22, Anssi Hannula wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 24.11.2009 18:28, Jouni Karvo wrote:
>>> Jouni Karvo kirjoitti:
>>>> Rolf Ahrenberg kirjoitti:
>>>>> On Mon, 23 Nov 2009, Jouni Karvo wrote:
>>>>>> is there somewhere a patch that would remove the break when the
>>>>>> broadcaster uses "dynamic pids" (such as YLE).  Now, when a programme
>>>>>> starts at YLE, they change the Audio PID number, leading to VDR
>>>>>> re-tuning or something, that leads to a 1-2s break in the show. There is
>>>>>> no change in frequency, so I don't see any reason why there is such a
>>>>>> break.
>>>>> As a quick fix just disable the pid updates ("Channel update: no/names
>>>>> only"). Yle is always using the same pid numbers although they're
>>>>> switching them on and off, so you can easily fix these numbers in your
>>>>> channel.conf.
>>> Tried this, but it seems it loses the subtitling PIDs.  Is there a way
>>> to get both - subtitling and non-breaking TV viewing?
>> It might be interesting to learn why they do this "PID cycling"
>> in the first place. Have you ever tried contacting them and asking
>> why they do such a stupid thing?
> Different programmes have a different number of languages, so the number
> of active pids changes. Isn't that correct behaviour?

Sure, but why "cycle" them through various values, and not use the same
ones for the same languages?

As long as the PID switch takes place outside a show, that's of course ok.
Switching them *inside* a show is IMHO not a good idea.


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