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True.  I don't know, however, if it is reasonable to request YLE to
change the pids before the actual programme stream starts.

Couple of weeks ago I reported to the Hugarian Hello HD provider,
[1], that they are not sending the correct encoding for their EPG content (ISO-8859-2). Actually they did not send any encoding information, so VDR used the default ISO6937 encoding, which was wrong. After I send a mail to them, they replayed that several other users with Technisat receivers complained about this, and they did not send EPG encoding info until now, because official HelloHD STB-s were setup to use the right encoding.
From 20 november Hello HD started to send the right EPG encoding
inforamtion [2], and since then the EPG works fine on VDR.

So the conclusion is, that you can try to send a mail to YLE, maybe there is somebody there, who cares about this.


[1] http://www.hellohd.tv/
[2] http://www.netboard.hu/viewref.php?post=11499916
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