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            I do.

        Do you use an Xtreamer device as a frontend, what are you
        using to achive this?

    I am using a PCH-A110 device with vdr-ui running on a separate
    server (for better integration). Channels are served using the
    standard streamdev plugin.
    The only drawback is the necessity to quit (close) the running
    stream and go back to the vdr-ui selection page each time you want
    to change to another channel.

    I have managed to build a jsp playlist with all VDR channels, but
    channel change is not quick enough to bring a good `surfing`
    experience with this method.

    Using xineliboutput you can watch the `live` stream and change
    channel without quitting the player but the mono pmt parser fails
    sometime to get the new pids (tested with soft and hard demuxerm.
    m2ts and pes container). I am convinced that this is the best way
    to have an acceptable switching time between 2 channels reusing
    existing player with low key/remote dev (directfb keyb app to
    redirect remote key to VDR app).

I tried this with vdr-1.7.9 and as soon as I switch the channel the Xtreamer device stops. I still need to press stop and play again.
Are you using the cvs version of the plugin? If not, you should give it a try. There is a fix which send a new PMT with relevant pids each time a channel is performed. You can verify using a tool like dvbsnoop. If the screen is still black, it is a problem of the PCH player. Even if the new channel is not playing, going back to previous one must show the proper picture.

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