I can record HD broadcasts only if vdr-sxfe is running.
I can always record SD broadcasts.

I have an FF and a DVB-S2 card. I cannot watch HD broadcasts using the
output device of my FF card, of course. But, it should be possible to
record these broadcasts, even if they cannot be displayed with the
current primary device (FF card).

In the log, there are the following messages (repeated very often):

ERROR: TS packet not accepted in Transfer Mode
ERROR: TS packet not accepted in Transfer Mode
ERROR: driver buffer overflow on device 2

This error is reproducible during one recording:
1) vdr-sxfe running, start recording (recording works)
2) exit vdr-sxfe (recording interrupted from this time)
3) start vdr-sxfe again (recording continues)

I use the xineliboutput plugin and starting vdr-sxfe forces this
plugin to become primary device.

I can start VDR without the FF card (using --device). In this case, HD
recording works always.


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