> > I just share something I read on the XBMC [1] Web site.
> > The Broadcom Crystal HD Hardware Decoder (BCM970012) seems to be an
> > alternative for HD playback with free drivers [2]. You can get it at as
> > an mini-PCIE card at eBay for 22 $ [3].
> I'd recommend the BCM70015, which is the better part.

where is it possible to buy it ?

> It works as a decoder only, making YUV 4:2:2 frames available, which
> must then be blitted to whatever output framebuffer setup you have,
> over the pci express bus. The API seems very straightforward, much
> simpler that VDPAU, thus one could get a HW accelerated H.264 setup
> without X11.

what about of corrected interlace output ? Most of them videocards can't  do it 


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