Problem is, that is just a chip. Any boards out using it? Linux drivers?

Torgeir Veimo wrote:
2010/1/2 Paul Menzel <>:
I just share something I read on the XBMC [1] Web site.

The Broadcom Crystal HD Hardware Decoder (BCM970012) seems to be an
alternative for HD playback with free drivers [2]. You can get it at as
an mini-PCIE card at eBay for 22 $ [3].

I'd recommend the BCM70015, which is the better part.

It works as a decoder only, making YUV 4:2:2 frames available, which
must then be blitted to whatever output framebuffer setup you have,
over the pci express bus. The API seems very straightforward, much
simpler that VDPAU, thus one could get a HW accelerated H.264 setup
without X11.

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