dto :-)
zotac-A; Dual Core Atom, 32GB-SSD

And over Christmas I managed to make it completely noiseless by
installing a Accelero S1 cooler !!!
The mounting is somewhat unorthodox, but took me less than an hour to install.
If someone is interested I try to put some photos somewhere.

A pic showing how you have connected it to zotac would indeed be interesting.

Now temperature stays below 60?C even with high load (h264 decoding or heli-X
3D simulation).

I have a similar kind of passive cooled zotac that you put in your links
but found out that without any cooling it's temperature get still pretty
hight 60-65 celcius.

Is this a single core? Do you have any other fan (power supply, case)?
My experience was, that without any cooling the temperature kept rising. I
stopped the experiment above 80?C when temperature was still rising even in
idle desktop (ubuntu koala). Same with one core disabled on startup with

Yes, the mine is also a dual core. I was following the temperatures sofar only from bios settings where it shows both the cpu and gpu. But for me it used to stay near to 65 without cooling. (I was however always booting to bios to check it)

I used to use the board with the original cooler slowed down with a simple
poti until recently. Much more silent with almost no change in temperatures
compared to full speed cooling (below 40?C),

I do not have a pc shop near to buy these poti's so I was planning to try to solder couple of resistors. From internet I also found that it could be easy to just switch couple of wires to slow down from 12w to 7w.

All temperatures are from GPU since I don`t have patched the kernel and don't
know how to access cpu temperature without that effort. But since they are
connected thermally there should not be a big difference.

Mandriva 2.6.31 kernels reports temp also incorrectly, I think I read somewhere that 2.6.32 kernels should have that fixed. Have not tried myself though.
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