Having moved away from the world of Euro DVB-S, I'm trying to confront an American setup with Cable rather than Satellite. I have a PVR250 and two ATSC cards. The ATSC cards will do Clear QAM, which means I get my local channels in HD using the ATSC cards from the cable coming into the house, as well as some analogue cable channels through the PVR250 and the pvrinput plugin. However, I now have an HD cable box plugged in by s-video into the PVR. The quality is pretty good, although SD only. I can change the channel on the box by a firewire cable and a little program from the freevo/mythtv projects.

Would it be possible to get the pvrinput plugin to be able to create different channels line which all call the same s-video channel but also call the channel change script?

At the moment my channel line is:

S-Video 1-NTSC;wirbelscan:1:PVRINPUT|SVIDEO1|NTSC:P:0:301:300:305:0:9001:0:0:0

I am wondering about something like

Fox News;wirbelscan:1:PVRINPUT|SVIDEO1|NTSC|dct6200|41:P:0:301:300:305:0:9041:0:0:0



All it would need to do would be execute the program dct6200 (which could be in the /etc/vdr/plugins/pvrinput directory) with the argument of 41 or 08 and the cable box would change. This would also work for someone using an irblaster with a SkyBox and a PVR card.

This would mean I can put epg data on all my available channels and record/watch them on VDR and Vomp from anywhere in the house.

Unfortunately, my programming skills probably don't allow me to make this happen.

I could see this being useful for all local inputs as opposed to tuners.


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