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I managed go around this problem, by changing directly in setup.conf, offset 
value to 500.
Problem is of course that, if I go to "Setup - DVB" menu and change something 
there, offset value is resets back to 100.

Would it be possible to change in program code that Offset range could be 
something like '-100 -- 600'

> Hi!
> (VDR version 1.7.10, Ubuntu 9.10)
> I have "little" problem with subtitles.. Location of them.
> My TV is FullHD and to get nice menus I have set:
> Setup - DVB
> Subtitle offset: 100
> Setup - Plugins - xineliboutput - OSD
> Resolution: 1920x1080
> Blending method: Hardware
> Scaling method: no
> Show all layers: no
> Dynamic transparency correction: Off
> Static transparency correction: Off
> External subtitle size: tiny
> DVB subtitle decoder: VDR
> Problem is that 100 is bigest offset value what can be set and with that
>  value, subtitle are about middle of screen (at left side of course) and
>  not at foot area where they should be.
> If I change Blending method to software, I can set subtitles to right place
> with offset 70, BUT then text at OSD is awful looking.

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> When there isn't sufficient virtual memory, the compiler bails out,
> giving an internal error message. When I kill some processes, the
> error goes away.

And what is the compiler supposed to do instead? Go shopping for you
and buy more memory?

                -- Falk Hueffner, on the GNU C++ compiler

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