I am using (or trying to) vdr on an Eee PC 701. vdr is set up to be
headless, just used for network streaming and (hopefully) recording.

I am facing some issues with the USB connection though. Some details
on my setup:

- Eee 701
- Ubuntu Server 9.10
- Ubuntu VDR and dvb drivers
- USB Hauppauge Nova-T Stick 3
- USB Harddisks for storage

The issue I'm facing is that all three external USB ports of the Eee
701 are wired to the same hub (at least, that's what I think ;-)).
Live TV via network streaming (vdr-plugin-streamdev-server) is fine
and works like a charm.

Recording, though, cancels after 30 seconds, saying that "ERROR: video
data stream broken".

I already set the autosuspend of USB to off, changed the cpufreq
govenor to performance.

Are there any other tweaks you can think of that will allow vdr to
record & store the stream while being on the same USB HUB? Or is this
a lost cause?

Best regards,

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