On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 1:37 PM, Markus Fritsche
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> Hello,
> I am using (or trying to) vdr on an Eee PC 701. vdr is set up to be
> headless, just used for network streaming and (hopefully) recording.
> I am facing some issues with the USB connection though. Some details
> on my setup:
> - Eee 701
> - Ubuntu Server 9.10
> - Ubuntu VDR and dvb drivers
> - USB Hauppauge Nova-T Stick 3
> - USB Harddisks for storage
> The issue I'm facing is that all three external USB ports of the Eee
> 701 are wired to the same hub (at least, that's what I think ;-)).
> Live TV via network streaming (vdr-plugin-streamdev-server) is fine
> and works like a charm.
> Recording, though, cancels after 30 seconds, saying that "ERROR: video
> data stream broken".
> I already set the autosuspend of USB to off, changed the cpufreq
> govenor to performance.
> Are there any other tweaks you can think of that will allow vdr to
> record & store the stream while being on the same USB HUB? Or is this
> a lost cause?

I'm not sure this is the right mailing list for your question, since
it's more to do with USB then VDR.  However, maybe the source of your
problem is with the address bandwidth being used by your USB
harddrive, there isn't enough to handle everything, thus
bottlenecking.  That's just an idea but it's easily tested but moving
one of your devices to another USB hub, using a networked harddrive
for storage, or something like that.  If it magically works again,
then you know putting everything on the same USB hub is a problem.

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