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Am 08.02.2010 21:28, schrieb Rob Davis:
On 08/02/10 12:58, L. Hanisch wrote:

Am 08.02.2010 16:53, schrieb Rob Davis:
Hi, I have a Hauppauge PVR-HD which works but creating an h264 ts stream
from a set HD component inputs and does quite a nice job of it.
The ts stream is available on /dev/video0 and a simple cat /dev/video0
  >file.ts will create a watchable high quality dump..

  Is it a cx18-based card? There a plans to integrate support for the
native TS-capability of those cards in the pvrinput-plugin, but it will
take some time. If you mind you can send me off-list a sample video (up
to 4MB with the cat-method). I'm just working on repacking the program
stream of ivtv-based cards with valid PAT, PMT and PCR, a pass through
of a valid TS shouldn't be that hard. But I don't promise anything since
I haven't such a card. Particulary if its controls are too different
from the ivtv-ones.


I spoke to Marin a little about this.. In terms of controls.. There are
none that need worrying about... It doesn't have a tuner.  It would be
useful to have a way to control an external channel changer (which
Martin nicely put in for my other pvr-500 card (for SD channels off the
cable box)..

 I see, I helped him with getting it into the plugin.

The linux module is pvrhd.  Once loaded, along comes a /dev/video0
device.  A cat or mplayer command on this work well.

I did some google search on the PVR-HD and found the module name "hdpvr" in the mythtv-wiki and in my ubuntu modules directory. What says "cat /sys/class/video4linux/video0/name" and "cat /sys/class/video4linux/video0/uevent"?

The ts stream is dependant on what is fed to it.  Ie, if your source is
1080i, then you'll get a 1080i stream, if 720p then that's what you get..

Ok, "no controls" is a good thing, if the plugin only has to read from the device and hand the packets over to vdr, we can give it a try.

There was a quick sample on the internet, but I can also manually record
something for you if you want it.. Just not sure where to leave it..

I would like to see some small piece of video (about 4MB) to inspect the TS structure (till now I've only dealt with MPEG2-PS/TS), my inbox has no problem with an attachment of such size. Just cat some seconds to a file and send it to me (perhaps you have to truncate it with dd if it's growing to fast but make sure I get the beginning of the file ;-)). At the next weekend I can try to integrate support for it. In particular I'm interested if the PAT and PMT is present or if I have to build them with the cPatPmtGenerator of vdr 1.7.1 and up. Will it be a problem for you to upgrade to 1.7.x (x >= 1)?


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