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I just checked my archives and found that VDR replaced my analogue SAT
receiver around July 2002. From the beginning it was the most useful
linux application I ever tried. And it is still the only one which made
it into the living room.
That's not true for me at all. My LCD TV is running Linux and has sshd, ftpd, nfs, etc. ;)

Sounds great! What model is that?

Most (all?) modern tv sets from samsung, lg, panasonic, sharp (and probably philips) are running some form of Linux, but that's usually only the base operating system, the application controlling the tv and that's doing mostly everything is closed. You can still do some interesting things just hacking the Linux base (e.g, if the tv can reproduce media from usb, you can fake an usb stick with an nfs mounted directory to media from the network), provided the manufacturer is "friendly" enough to the GPL and provides everything it is required to provide (I'm struggling with LG to get the sources corresponding to what's actually running on my TV, so if that's an important decision factor I'd avoid LG). Samsung seems to be the most "hacker friendly" set, see http://samygo.sourceforge.net


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