On 02/19/2010 06:09 PM, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
It has been exactly 10 years since version 0.01 of VDR (originally
named "OSM" - On Screen Menu) was released.

I want to use the occasion to thank everybody who has contributed
to VDR, but also those who simply use VDR in their every day life.
I for one couldn't imagine watching tv without VDR any more. Special
thanks go to the people running the VDR-Portal (www.vdr-portal.de).

Originally I intended to release version 2.0 of VDR at the 10th
anniversary, but as ever so often, I ran out of time. But I'm still
on it - stability comes before deadlines ;-)

I hope you don't think I'm blowing my own horn here, I just didn't
want the date to pass by without a remark...


It was a kind of a revelation to come upon VDR years ago, when I first met this great piece of software. It revealed that the change from analog to digital TV was not just for the worse, but in many ways for the better as well. So thank you Klaus for your great work (not forgetting others contributing) for letting as enjoy the best digital TV software there is. And bringing about a hobby that has consumed more hours than I care to count... And I don't mean the time spent watching TV :)


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