scott wrote:
One way thats been suggested before, and which I use, is to put xbmc and
vdr-xine in a while loop inside a bash shell script and set up a button to
stop vdr-xine, and a menu option in xbmc to close it down.  If you search
this thread you should find some info, if not I can post my stuff.


On Mon, 8 Mar 2010 19:53:15 +1300, "Simon Baxter" <>

Has anyone got XBMC working with vdr-1.6.0?

I want to run XBMC, but am not ready to move to a .ts file format yet.
I was thinking I'd just get XMBC to call a script and run vdr-xine (ie not integrate with streamdev etc). This should be easy yes?

Any pointers or experience?


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vdr mailing list
The pvr-testing2 version of xbmc works with 1.6.0 (or did three weeks ago) as long as you have a recent streamdev patched..

However, using irexec would work to change from vdr-sxfe and xbmc too.

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