On 25/03/2010 20:03, Simon Baxter wrote:

Apart from youe eac3 mods etc, does streamdev _actually_need_ any
patching to work with xbmc pvr-testing2? Or should

work fine just compiled with no patches etc?

Honestly I don't know. And that's why using prepackaged set of patches avoid omitting necessary fixes and most of the time going into trouble in general.

BTW: Once configured, xbmc pvr-testing2, works for SD, epg,... but lacks programming feature and fails for me for HDTV. I dunno if my streamdev really works with HDTV or if its the rendering part that is not able to use VDPAU... As vdr record the HDTV streams correctly, I suppose streamdev should only write the TS stream on a socket instead than on the disk.


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