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One way thats been suggested before, and which I use, is to put xbmc and
vdr-xine in a while loop inside a bash shell script and set up a button to
stop vdr-xine, and a menu option in xbmc to close it down.  If you search
this thread you should find some info, if not I can post my stuff.


Thanks Scott.  Yes please, would like to see how you've implemeted it.

I found a number of threads and have achieved the following:
* added a script (vdr.py) under the My Scripts which calls the xine frontend. But this flags an error "Errors in system config" or similar, launches xine but closes xbmc at the back end

* added a phantom button on the main menu, which I'd hoped would launch vdr-py (lower in the above thread). But this just crashes xmbc

What I want to achieve is a main menu button which launches an external bash script, to launch xine, which keeps xbmc running in the background. I currently have mms running like this and it works really well. I then use the "power" button to kill xine (and turn off lirc), and fall back to mms.


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