Hi Guys, I have two ATSC adapter.

On one I scan my channels, create my channels.conf file (via a convoluted
script), the channels work on that laptop using 1.6. I make a couple of
edits to allow it to work on 1.7.12, but a particular frequency causes VDR
to crash and get restarted by the watchdog..

The offending frequency is 567000, It's a Qam256 ATSC Cable frequency.  I
have an HVR1850 PCI-E adapter.  Unfortunetly, it's the mux with all my
local SD channels, although I can watch the HD ones, two channels don't
have HD versions..

I can't see anything in dmesg or the vdr log which causes a problem.

As an aside, a scan using w_scan to create a kaffeine channels.conf file
on that adapter, doesn't find anything on that frequency.  Am I getting
interference from something?  Any ideas?

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