Looks like this isn't strictly speaking VDR problem, since it appears
to be a problem with Xine, but I'm wondering if anyone is using a
similar setup in the first place and would've found a solution...

To make it short, I'm using VDR bundle from e-tobi.net
(1.6.0-16ctvdr2), running on 64-bit Debian Unstable. Output is done
with xineliboutput plugin (1.0.6+cvs20100308.2219-1), and the image is
spewed into CRT television through network using another machine -
Debian Unstable, 32-bit x86. The output itself is done with
xineliboutput-fbfe (1.0.6+cvs20100308.2219-1) using Matrox G450.

Everything with 704x576 (and presumably 720x576) resolution works, but
unfortunately some channels send other resolutions, such as 528x576.
This results with a simple failure with error message in kern.log:
vdr-fbfe[5429] general protection ip:af24feb1 sp:ad8c5f90 error:0 in

So, nothing that requires scaling, works.

libxine1 pacakge is version, same goes for
libxine1-ffmpeg, libavcodec52 is version 5:0.5.1+svn20100411-0.0,
libavutil49 4:0.5.1-3, libpostproc51 5:0.5.1+svn20100411-0.0.

Any idea what might cause this kind of behavior?

 Sami Sundell

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