2010/4/24 Mr Tux <tuxoho...@hotmail.de>:

> Bug #2952110 covered it for me - I had this segfault for quite a while now. I
> simply switched sw-scaling off after I didn't find a solution and no bug 
> report
> either.

Indeed, same thing for me - thanks, Petri, for noting that bug report!

> @Sami: As a quick fix / workaround for this compiler related bug I recommend
> using gcc 4.3.1 from the Ubuntu repositories (aptitude install gcc-4.3)
> then modify the CC line in Make.config from CC=gcc to CC=gcc-4.3

I happened to have several gcc versions on my machine already, so only
thing required was to change the version that was used for compiling
that particular piece of software.

Of course, since I didn't bother checking where the post_swscale
plugin for Xine came from ,I ended up compiling whole Xine and FFMpeg
again, which probably wasn't necessary, but luckily it just takes time

> After that run make again, now you should be able to activate sw-scaling and
> use in on channels with smaller resolution than 720x576.

So, indeed, both 528x576 and 544x576 works fine.

Interestingly, though, media player still doesn't work - earlier file
playback it crashed on swscale, now it's libavcodec. Well, at least
I'm seeing channels. :P

 Sami Sundell

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