What  I'm  trying  to  do  is  to make a samba network share to /video
folder   to   watch   recordings   from windows PCs. Everything works,
BUT... Many  EPG titles from my provider contain double quotes, so recordings
look  like  "TITLE_IN_RUSSIAN"  .  When file names countains " , samba
converts   this  to  something  like  _324CDE35  ,  so  share contains
unreadable  directory names.  I haven't found any way to force samba to deal 
double  quotes,  so  looking  now  for  any way to force VDR to remove
double quotes from recording names.

One  obvious way is to make a shell script that removes ", but in this
case  it's  not  clear  when  to  execute  it, I mean how to know that
recording finished. Any other ideas how to walk around this issue?

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