Andrey Kuzmin kirjoitti torstai, 22. huhtikuuta 2010 23:40:51:
> What  I'm  trying  to  do  is  to make a samba network share to /video
> folder   to   watch   recordings   from windows PCs. Everything works,
> BUT... Many  EPG titles from my provider contain double quotes, so
> recordings look  like  "TITLE_IN_RUSSIAN"  .  When file names countains "
> , samba converts   this  to  something  like  _324CDE35  ,  so  share
> contains unreadable  directory names.  I haven't found any way to force
> samba to deal with double  quotes,  so  looking  now  for  any way to
> force VDR to remove double quotes from recording names.

VDR option --vfat removes special characters from recording file names.

> One  obvious way is to make a shell script that removes ", but in this
> case  it's  not  clear  when  to  execute  it, I mean how to know that
> recording finished.

See "Executing commands before and after a recording" in INSTALL. Though I 
guess --vfat is probably enough for you.

> Any other ideas how to walk around this issue?

Anssi Hannula

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