On 04/22/10 04:41, Jaakko Hyva"tti wrote:
> Hi,
> I tried to search but did not find this mentioned.  I enabled EPG scan,
> and started getting garbled recordings.  Looking at the recorded 00*.ts
> files, they contain ASCII text from EPG.  Problem solved, set the
> background updates to 0 again.
> This is with 1.7.13 and 1.7.14, and two TT full DVB-C cards.
> I think the same happened with earlier generations of vdr, I vaguely
> recall disabling the background scan because of this years ago also.

I don't see why the "EPG scan" would result in ASCII EPG texts getting
into the recordings. The "EPG scan" merely switches unused devices
through all known transponders to gather EPG information.
The only problem I could imagine is that frequently tuning a device
to different transponders causes the device (or its driver) to
malfunction and deliver faulty data when recording.


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