I bought nvidia g210 (with vdpau support) and would like use it as video output device with VDR. I installed nvidia driver and mplayer plays all videos well both with VDPAU or XV.

I never using xineliboutput plugin before, because I had DXR3 card and it seems it's run better with DXR3 VDR plugin. So, I began from scratch. I installed xinelib-1.2 into system and xinelibplugin into VDR. But result dosn't look good. I have many problems, but most significant is jerky video in few second after channel switch and in from time to time after it. In logs, I'am getting messages like this:

video_out: throwing away image with pts 2920558 because it's too old (diff : 5694). video_out: throwing away image with pts 2974558 because it's too old (diff : 6457). video_out: throwing away image with pts 3028558 because it's too old (diff : 7171).
200 frames delivered, 0 frames skipped, 5 frames discarded

I googled it, but nothing usefull found. I tested it on MPEG2 PAL television station with xineliboutput both with XV and VDPAU (processor is penti...@2.8ghz) with same result.

So can anybody help me with my problem? Is any solution of it? How set it up you? (I run vdr in play X server....)

Jiri Jansky

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