My problem isn't VDPAU related, because I have same no smooth playing with XV output too. (I tested pal mpeg2 television stations without postprocessing and i used about 20% on my pentium4).

Halim Sahin napsal(a):
Make sure that your vdpau is working.
Have installed the xinelib-1.2-vdpau branch?
To check if you have vdpau run
vdr-xfe --video you have the right info and the last two lines:
Available video drivers: dxr3 aadxr3 xv raw opengl xshm none sdl fb
Available audio drivers: pulseaudio alsa oss esd none file
Your machine should list vdpau as well (I dont have it).

You can download the right xinelib with vdpau support from hg with this command:
hg clone

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