2010/5/16 Ville Aakko <ville.aa...@gmail.com>:
> But, now, I don't get a connection to the vdr-xineliboutput server at
> all! I just get the "No Signal" picture. Has anyonve on Gentoo got
> this working?

My bad!

I had installed a dxr3 card back to my computer, in order to get at
least one well working output for VDR, and enabled the plugin, and
forgot to disable that... because I had both dxr3 plugin and
xineliboutput enabled, VDR thought the dxr3 is the primary device and
send nothing to the xineliboutput frontend... I think =). At least it
works now, that I disabled the dxr3. Thanks for Halim, anyways.

With the 1.7 branch and CVS xineliboutput, the opengl output is
unusable (with the 1.6 branch / 1.0.4_p20091118 xineliboutput opengl
was the most usable output). SDL, and XV work well, and even
recordings now seem to work!

However, The OSD is very ugly! Seems like everything in the OSD is
scaled to 512x384 or something, that of course looks terrible on a
FullHD 40" LCD. The problem here is, of course, that with ATI, you
can't use the hud OSD (the picture get's blanked then, although the
OSD would look very nice then) ... in the CVS the non-HUD OSD is very

Well, at least now this is usable altough with a very ugly OSD, but I
guess I can live with that for time being. If there are any tips for
getting this working better, they are welcome =).

Ville Aakko - ville.aa...@gmail.com

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