I enabled compositing in KDE, and surprisingly, I get very smooth
playback AND a working HUD OSD with xv or sdl! Nice =)

With opengl either the TV picture is black and there is OSD, or the
OSD is not shown at all. So OpenGL output is not usable...

Also, the problems with opengl not being usable, was because I had no
"xvdr+tcp://" in front of localhost in my command line for vdr-sxfe
(instead, I used them at first when trying out sdl and xv... if I omit
them, it is exactly as unusable with xv and sdl as with opengl),

Now, if anyone can tell me where are all the DVB subtitles (they are
gonce since this upgrade) and the xineliboutput menus, this would be
perfect =)



Ville Aakko - ville.aa...@gmail.com

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