James Courtier-Dutton <james.dut...@gmail.com> wrote:
| I would like to run vdr with more than one remote client using the
| xinelib plugin.
| It currently works, and both clients see the same picture.
| Is it possible to have two clients watching different channels or
| different recordings?
| My layout is to have a central server that has the DVB cards in it,
| and then TVs in different rooms to display the content from the
| central server.

Well, since VDR unfortunately is designed as a stand-alone system, this has
to be the most frequently asked question on this list. There is no really
good way to do it, but the xineliboutput README contains useful info on one
way of doing it. I have a headless server running one "Master" vdr that uses
all eight DVB cards and two "Slave" vdr instances that uses streamdev and
iptv to get the streams from the master. It's not ideal but works quite
well. I hardly ever watch live tv so I mostly use the slave vdr's to watch
recordings made by the master.
/Magnus H

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