> Read:
> http://www.vdr-portal.de/board/archive/75121/thread.html where the guy
> complains about not having the wakeup file

That thread is two years old.

> or please post your own
> script (or the link) especially the part that writes the
> WAKEUP_FILE="/var/cache/vdr/acpiwakeup.time".

This is done in /usr/share/vdr/shutdown-hooks/S90.acpiwakeup, which is
called by vdr upon exiting.

> Readding the scripts I do not know what part of the software is going to 
> write 
> /var/cache/vdr/acpiwakeup.time and also I shall manually set wake up time in 
> the config file.
> What I would like is using the stored planned recording information to 
> automatically deduce the next wakeup time.

Please read the section "automatic shutdown" from vdr's source here:


This will explain how Tobi's script learns the parameters.



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