Sorry, thought I said I do get the menus when connecting to port 3000. But when I try to select a channel, the page changes most of the time to the big quicktime logo and sometimes to a small play window. Seems to depend if I first click [TS], [PS], [PES], etc.. If I don't try to go back fairly quickly, the browser seems to hang. The progress bar always goes right to about 50% and it just sits constantly "loadling" the page. At that point you sometimes can't go back or close the browser. Those options just flicker a bit and it stays. have to force close the browser.

Another thing I noticed is "Tree Views". When you click a group, it only expands a tiny bit adding an underline to the group name. If you select "Groups" at the top and then click a group, it just goes to a blue page with no channels, only the options at the top.

On 6/28/2010 7:19 AM, Frank Schmirler wrote:
On Fri, 25 Jun 2010 11:35:18 -0700, Timothy D. Lenz wrote
I missed the the post about this and got cvs on 6/20/2010 trying to
get video on the watch tv page of vdradmin. I get nothing. I've also
tried pointing the browser directly at and
while I get connection, I also get no video. I did install mencoder.

The changes of 0-5.0-rc are in a different branch, so this problem's not
related to the release candidate.

Anyway - if you point a webbrowser to, do you get a
menu? If no, please check your streamdevhosts.conf and the plugin setup. If
you get the menu, maybe the default streaming format in the plugin setup is
wrong. Try for a TS stream of your first 

If you don't get any further I suggest to continue off-list. What's in the log?

On 6/25/2010 11:10 AM, Jan Willies wrote:
0.5.0 works great with vdr-2-vdr streaming, no issues for me.

Thanks for testing and feedback, Jan!


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