On Fri, 23 Jul 2010 23:45:02 +0300, Anssi Hannula wrote
> Frank Schmirler kirjoitti tiistai, 20. heinäkuuta 2010 12:06:44:
> > Just updated the archive due to two minor problems with externremux.sh:
> > - externremux.sh was not executable in the archive
> > - typo in value for quality parameter: should be wlan54 instead of wlan45
> It would be appreciated if in the future you'd mark such a release 
> 0.5.0a or 
> 0.5.1 instead of replacing archives. Its never a good thing that 
> there are multiple similarly named tarballs but with different 
> content floating around, especially for downstream distributors.

Agreed. Sorry for that.


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