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> > Isn't it about time that VDR had a native out of the box plugin for
> > X11 output with H264 acceleration? There's so many problems with
> > having xine or xinelibout plugins developed by 3rd parties and relying
> > on syncing up with xine etc...
> >
> Like the softdevice plugin?

I think the point is the OP wants it to be built in to VDR instead of a
plugin. Personally I don't have a problem with having to use a plugin
for display, provided it's well supported and closely tracks core VDR
development. But I use the Debian packages (based on VDR 1.6 and xine
1.1) so I don't know how much hassle this causes when trying to use the
bleeding edge. It would be nice to have BBC HD and ITV HD if I could be
bothered to put in the effort. There are some unofficial VDR 1.7 debian
packages, but there seem to be about 3 sets, so what to choose?
Something more official in Debian's "experimental" section would be

I would get far more involved with VDR, particularly the Debian side of
things, but I decided some time ago it would never be quite the program
I want (nor are mythtv, freevo or gnome-dvb-daemon) and I'd rather write
my own rival, so I wouldn't be able to commit long term to maintaining
VDR plugins and packages.

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