If I run vdr-1.6.0 it works fine, it's just vdr-1.7.15 that doesn't. So I'm not thinking this is a system problem.

have made a bit of a breakthrough - I've found any vdr version up to and including vdr-1.7.11 works fine. From vdr-1.7.12 I get the 3 seconds of live TV problem.

Tested vdr-1.7.0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15.

This is in the HISTORY for vdr-1.7.12:
- The PCR pid in generated PMTs is now set to the channel's PCR pid again.
- Fixed determining the frame duration on channels where the PTS deltas jitter by
 +/-1 around 3600.
- The PCR pid is now recorded for channels where this is different from the video PID. To facilitate this, the interfaces of cTransfer, cTransferControl, cRecorder and cReceiver have been modified, so that the PIDs are no longer given in separate parameters, but rather the whole channel is handed down for processing. The old constructor of cReceiver is still available, but it is recommended to plugin authors
 that they switch to the new interface as soon as possible.
 When replaying such a recording, the PCR packets are sent to PlayTsVideo()

Could it be something to do with this?

Summary of problem:
- vdr-1.7.12 or newer I get 3 seconds (or so) of live TV before "SetPlayMode: 0", blank screen, sequence of "channel not available", then a few seconds of TV (repeats)
- system has TT-1501 abd TT-2300 cards
- usage of vdr-xine-0.9.3 or not makes no difference. i.e. TT-2300 FF card has same problem with no vdr-xine loaded.
- any vdr version 1.7.11 or older does not show this fault.

any ideas?

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