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>From what I recall of discussions held on this list the reasons are based on, 
>in no particular order :),


- initial basic common sense

then an iterative process involving

- satisfaction of common corner use cases
- satisfaction of problem use cases
- keeping most people happy most of the time
- keeping some people happy some of the time

i.e. a can of worms.

I am sure others can provide a more insightful technical response.


On 24 Aug 2010, at 06:57, Rainer Blickle wrote:

> Hi,
> in the method cDevice::GetDevice the device with the least impact is
> searched (the block with "imp <<= x; imp |= "). For calculating the
> impact (higher value = bigger impact) some "facts" are used.  The most
> prio fact is "prefer the primary device for live viewing", the least
> prio is "prefer CAMs that are known to decrypt this channel".
> Does anyone know why the facts are ordered in this way ?
> Why ?:
> At the moment i'm developing a patch providing alternative channels.
> An alternative channel is a channel providing the same programme as
> the original channel, but with another receiving technique (like DVB-T
> instead of DVB-C). My alternative technique is analoge (via pvrinput).
> For this, i introduced a new fact "programme is received from an
> alternative channel". Therefor i have to define the priority of this
> new fact regarding the impact. So i'd like to know more why the prio
> is as it is.
> Regards, Rainer
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