in the method cDevice::GetDevice the device with the least impact is
searched (the block with "imp <<= x; imp |= "). For calculating the
impact (higher value = bigger impact) some "facts" are used.  The most
prio fact is "prefer the primary device for live viewing", the least
prio is "prefer CAMs that are known to decrypt this channel".

Does anyone know why the facts are ordered in this way ?

Why ?:

At the moment i'm developing a patch providing alternative channels.
An alternative channel is a channel providing the same programme as
the original channel, but with another receiving technique (like DVB-T
instead of DVB-C). My alternative technique is analoge (via pvrinput).
For this, i introduced a new fact "programme is received from an
alternative channel". Therefor i have to define the priority of this
new fact regarding the impact. So i'd like to know more why the prio
is as it is.

Regards, Rainer

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