Am 24.08.2010 12:10, schrieb Lari Tuononen:
> I've managed to get the waking-up working properly, and also so that
> VDR will shutdown at night after the last timer has stopped, but if
> there is a timer in the morning and it wakes computer up, VDR also
> shuts down the computer, which is something I do not want.

If a shutdown command is provided, and MinUserInactivity is set to 0,
then VDR will never switch to non-interactive mode by itself, and thus
never shuts down automatically. It does however allow to manually shut
down. If VDR then wakes up close to a timer, it starts non-interactive,
stays in that mode until the end of the timer, and shuts down again. The
user can switch to interactive (by any key press) or to non-interactive
(by pressing power button once).

You want two different things: A timer ending 'at night' should shut
down VDR, a timer ending 'at day' should keep VDR running, even if
there's no sign of user interaction.

Possible solutions:
- Abort the shutdown script at day time (your distro may provide some
hook script mechanism)
- If VDR wakes up at daytime, issue a harmless key press via svdrp to
switch to interactive.
- Maybe some plugin like the exec plugin can be used to modify the
behavior of VDR. Plugins generally have the possibility to keep VDR
awake at certain times (like, for example, the whole day)



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