I've been trying to play with different settings around nvram-wakeup
and vdr. My idea of the working setup would be:

* VDR will shut down the computer ONLY when it is told so with the
power-key (so VDR will continue recording if there is a timer active
or coming in next few hours)
* VDR will wake up if timer is to record and computer shut down
* VDR will not shutdown automatically

I've managed to get the waking-up working properly, and also so that
VDR will shutdown at night after the last timer has stopped, but if
there is a timer in the morning and it wakes computer up, VDR also
shuts down the computer, which is something I do not want.

Settings in setup.conf:
MinEventTimeout = 120
MinUserInactivity = 0

So the question is: Which settings should I have to get the
functionality I like?

Best Regards,
Lari Tuononen

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