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if you disabled full gpu scaling , how upscaling will work really ? what and
how will upscale SD video to 1080p ?
This setting is only useful if your display device can't scale on its own or the scaling is worse quality. If you enable it the card will always output native resolution at native refresh.

If disabled the gpu will not touch the mode and output whatever you tell it to, in which case the display itself will have to scale the mode as needed.

let's have a look on the following situation.

I have full HD TV set, which of course can upscale. TV
My xorg.conf has default mode - 1080p

can be 2 situation

With vdr and vdr-xine I'm watching SD 576i channels and after that I switch to 
HD 1080i channel.

Does graphic card do upscale in first variant (with SD channel) ?

Yes (I thought I already told you that).
And in the second case it will deinterlace.
Afaik vdr-xine cannot switch the display resolution/frequency to match the input signal.


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