Am 29.08.2010 15:06, schrieb Klaus Schmidinger:

DiscontinuityDetected: triggering soft start

You may want to find out where this message comes from (it certainly
doesn't come from the core VDR).

This is just an implementation detail of vdr-xine.

Why am I getting a "SetPlayMode: 0"  and  "receiver on device 2 thread
ended (pid=16557, tid=16633)"  for no reason??

When a receiver is detached from a device, the play mode is set to pmNone
(which is 0).

My guess would be that the "DiscontinuityDetected: triggering soft start"
is generated by the output device, and that causes the transfer mode
to be stoped and restarted. Maybe the output device chokes on something
in the TS stream?

I doubt that vdr-xine does anything which would cause transfer
mode to be stopped and restarted.

I have the same problem (transfer mode stopping) with plain VDR (no plugins) and a FF card.
i.e. works fine in vdr-1.7.(<=)11 but not in vdr-1.7.(>=12)

Happy to do any captures etc - any suggestions??

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