I know this is probably too much to ask at this moment when there just
has been a transition to TS.. Anyway, here it goes. :)

I often compress my older recordings to Divx, to save space. However I
never remember to watch them because they don't show up in VDR
recordings anymore. :) I know I can watch them with the Mplayer
plugin, but it's not convenient, especially if you are recording some
series and half of the episodes are divx and half VDR..

So basicly I would like to be able to compress vdr recording to divx,
but still view it like normal VDR recording. It would be quite enough
to simply launch mplayer-plugin for the file if divx format is
detected? Editing etc is not necessary at all.

This is probably something I can do myself, but I just thought I ask
in case someone else has already done something similar. :)

Teemu Suikki

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