I have had a problem watching the teletext on the crypted channels "ORF1
HD" and "ORF2 HD" ... after doing some research on the web, i found out
that these two channels not only crypt their audio and video streams, but
also the teletext. (as far as I know, not even Sky/Premiere crypt their

So I had a look into the vdr code, and found out, that in ci.c in the
function AddChannels(), only video and audio pids are added to the cam

I made a small patch (which is included in this mail), which also adds the
teletext pid in case there was a tpid detected before, and now I can watch
the teletext in the ORF HD channels.

Other channels, which do only crypt audio+video, but not the teletext,
should not be affected by this patch, because the CAM module should be
intelligent enough to detect whether a ts packet is crypted or not (via
the two scrambling control bits in the ts packet header)

I wanted to ask, if it would be possible and reasonable to add this patch
to the vanilla-vdr.

Kind regards,
Michael Kaplan

*** ci.c	2010-01-02 11:39:50.000000000 +0100
--- ci.c.patched	2010-09-09 15:10:54.000000000 +0200
*** 1911,1916 ****
--- 1911,1919 ----
           AddPid(Channel->Sid(), *Apid, STREAM_TYPE_AUDIO);
       for (const int *Dpid = Channel->Dpids(); *Dpid; Dpid++)
           AddPid(Channel->Sid(), *Dpid, STREAM_TYPE_DOLBY);
+      if (Channel->Tpid()) {
+         AddPid(Channel->Sid(), Channel->Tpid(), STREAM_TYPE_DOLBY);
+         }

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